Saturday, August 01, 2009

The Future of New Frontiers

Last year I blogged about Mark Driscoll's prophecy to New Frontiers encouraging them to seek God for a successor to Terry Virgo. So, in the latest post on Terry’s blog, I found it interesting to see him now carefully weighing Mark’s prophecy.

Terry’s thoughts are outlined in the video embedded in that post. Although it was helpful to receive a wake up call in the way that he did, Terry explains, it is unhelpful to think of one person succeeding him as the new leader. Instead he sees the way forward is to acknowledge a number of emerging apostles. In the video Terry also teaches on the role of apostles today and what he calls 'apostolic spheres'.

Terry names John Kpikpi in West-Africa author of God’s New Tribe and Edward Buria in Kenya as a couple of examples of these new emerging apostles. Whether these new ministries will continue to work together under the title of New Frontiers or not only time will tell. But I get the impression that Terry Virgo intends to stay around for at least a few more years.

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