Saturday, February 25, 2006

New Clothes?

I keep thinking that I should really get some new clothes. Probably the most important quality about my clothes is that they must be comfortable. I do try to be smart – especially for college – but I rarely wear very formal clothes. Casual clothes are much more practical for the times I’m looking after Callie. I have one pair of trousers that I keep almost exclusively for college. But one of the reasons I don’t ware them around Callie is because they have zips on the pockets that she might catch herself on. I’ve never been one to search out designer labels. I think that sometime I should get something like a Trinny & Susannah makeover book for men. But really I’m not one for trying to look trendy I just want to be true to myself – not anti-conformist or anything I hope – just my own look, which must be said is fairly ordinary. I heard somewhere that’s the latest trend anyway! I think it is important to look after myself but what’s on the inside is more important to me that superficial looks. I just hope that somehow my good qualities make their way to the surface.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Chaos and Complexity

I was just browsing through amazon and found this book. In psychology there are a number of approaches or perspectives. The most recent one that I was aware of was the postmodern approach where the many, sometimes contradictory viewpoints are celebrated. Now here comes a new perspective that been influenced by ideas in physics that describe how systems have degrees of complexity and chaos. Mathematicians trying to explain the movement of particles came up with this idea. Some order is necessary for structures to exist but too much order means that these structures do not change and so cannot emerge as new structures. A certain amount of chaos means that new structures are produced that maybe better than the old ones. Now this idea is being applied to social systems: whole societies and smaller groups of people. So it fits in with social sciences such as sociology and social psychology. But now psychologists are seeing that these ideas can be applied to the structures in our thinking and behaviour too. It also appears to have some interesting therapeutic applications that have been investigated.

Sorry for such an intellectual post. But I just get excited about things like this!

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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Miracles Today

I’ve got a sore throat now. Callie’s not feeling well this afternoon either. I was just thinking about my comment last week about Callie making a ‘miraculous’ recovery just before her train journey. It’s just something we tend to say but it probably undervalues the word. There are some interesting discussions of ‘divine healings’ especially with respect to AIDS at the BBC’s Africa blog. The misguided practice of telling people they are healed without any medical verification has lead to much criticism of such miracles such as this article in the Guardian. Yet there does clearly look like things are happening in Africa. As a psychologist I can see that a positive mental attitude can be beneficial for people with AIDS, yet as a Christian I do believe that God heals today. A few weeks ago Richard Dawkins was on Channel 4 questioning Christianity because pilgrims were healed at Lourdes in The Root of All Evil. It’s a pity this couldn’t be balanced with more on these healings of AIDS in Africa. Still in the meantime we have our sore throats to deal with. But talking about God healing AIDS puts it into perspective; doesn’t it?

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Friday, February 03, 2006


This week Nettes and Callie have been staying with a friend in Kent. On Sunday night Callie was really sick. It seems a long time since she’s been sick like that. I suppose babies are still building up their immune system so Callie was sick quite a few times in her first year. She slept a lot of Monday while I was at college but she wasn’t sick again. I feared that she wouldn’t be well enough to travel on Wednesday. But by then she’d made a miraculous recovery.

All this means that I had the day off on Wednesday, as I was my day to look after Callie, but she was travelling with her mum on the train. So I’ve been using the time to play with flickr – a new photo-sharing site that I’ve found. If you scroll down you can see some of the pictures that I’ve loaded onto flickr at the right of the blog. If you click on anyone of them you’ll be taken to my flickr page and you can start exploring my photos as well as others from around the world.

Anyway, I better get on with the housework. See you soon Nettes.

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