Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Who will succeed Terry Virgo?

At the recent New Frontiers conference ‘Together on Mission’ Mark Driscoll brought a prophecy exhorting Terry Virgo to make a five year plan that involved seeking God about who should succeed Terry in the leadership of New Frontiers. In this clip of an interview with Adrian Warnock, Mark Driscoll talks about the prophecy and his time at the conference.

Any comments?


Anonymous said...

when we were with N.F.I. and the guy on the right was our 'pastor' - [great guy and his lovely wife is too - A LEADER IN HER OWN RIGHT lol ;)]- I never knew they were so much like Roman Catholics with this belief in apostolic succession and the focus on one human at the top..[as lovely as he is too, having met him]

Each year that goes by I know we were right to leave - I do not think Mark Driscoll being endorsed by them would have enthused us either, but I wish them all the best and for God to speak and bless....and bring them into more and more unity with others in His Kingdom.

Anonymous said...

by the way, it's not Adrian Warnock interviewing him - it's David Stroud [unless my eyes and ears are worse than I thought]

Anonymous said...

I could be wrong lol [Adrian is using a newer pic than I have seen before...I thought he was blond..
but I know this - his voice is almost identical to David's, who is also a senior leader in N.F.I. - they MUST come from the same place in England :-)

having watched all of the video now I feel quite sad.
I was brought up in the 'plymouth brethren' and this is so much like that.