Saturday, October 01, 2005

A part time home-dad

Working part time and looking after my toddler is in some ways an ideal situation. In a Mothercare survey 69% of fathers said that they would like to be able to give up work to look after their children. It was a very obvious decision for us; I could do more hours teaching if I wanted to but I wasn’t obliged to. I didn’t involve giving up a job or making a big deal about going part time from a full time contract. For some dads doing this could involve a major change in direction of their career but there was no need for any ‘mid-life crisis’ type decisions for me.

We’ve been thinking about the possibility of her going full time in nursery next year. Though I love spending time with her and I am sure that my time with her is a major fulfilment of my life the thought have having more time to write, prepare teaching and perhaps even develop this blog more is very tempting. I feel that having time to journal my thoughts about psychological formation is something that will not only produce material for others to learn from but also help me grow.

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