Saturday, October 08, 2005

Intellectually Speaking

As a college lecturer I obviously enjoy things that are mentally stimulating. But looking after my two year old can sometimes be a mind numbing experience: Watching Cbeebies, reading the same story for the third time, not to mention the housework. It’s frustrating not getting the time to read and study more at the moment about psychology, my Christian faith or any other subject for that matter. My natural inclination is towards intellectually engaging my mind but it’s a matter of grabbing the time when it’s available and wondering if I’m being selfish.

Ironically, one of the thrills that I get is seeing my daughter develop intellectually herself and understand what happening. Just the other day she was pretending to show her drawing to her teddy and turning the picture round so he could see it. Before she had held it the wrong way now she could image what he could see rather than just assume he could see what she could. As a psychologist I know that this is overcoming ‘egocentricity’. But it’s just great to see her do this. It is also great to hear her language developing – becoming more complex in its structures. She’s going to be a little intellectual too.

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