Friday, October 14, 2005

Profound Thought on Attachment

Callie is more attached to her mother than to me. She’ll kick and scream if I try to wash her or put her to bed when Nettes is in the house. But she’s fine when we’re in on our own. I remember at one time when she was really tiny it was the other way round but that didn’t last for long. The times when we first left her on her own are a dim and distant memory now. Like when we first left her at nursery. But she’s got attached to the people there now, so she’s fine about it now.

When we’ve been somewhere that she likes she just doesn’t want to come home. She really wriggles when I put her in her buggy. It makes me wonder to what extent I’m like that too. What am I attached to? What would I have a hard time giving up if I really had to? I was just thinking about the earthquake in Pakistan. What would it be like to lose everything? Could I cope with that or am I just too attached to material things; things that in the end don’t bring true satisfaction?

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