Monday, June 30, 2008

Prince Caspian

On Sunday, Nettes arranged a babysitter took me to see Prince Caspian for a belated birthday present. We originally planned to go in May for my birthday but that was the date it opened in the States not in Britain. At last the time came yesterday afternoon. We walked down to the cinema and dropped Callie off on the way. Lots of thanks to the Naylors for looking after her.

The movie? Well... some brilliant special effects. A lot more fighting than expected. It had the message that they should have listened to Lucy and waited for Aslan. In the Bible when Israel went to war without God or turned to false gods they didn’t win. They needed the prophets to seek the Lord. Similarly Prince Caspian and the children needed Lucy to seek out Aslan to bring them victory.

Of course they downplayed the spiritual message. Nevertheless a good film and a good present. Thank you Nettes.


Louise Mabbs said...


We saw it too and I came away thinking what a warfest it was! Very gripping and brilliant special effects, but I couldn't help thinking CS Lewis wouldn't have intended it to be so very full of violence!

It also surprised me that as the financial backer is a Christian it was so aggressive and the spiritual message was so hidden by all the action. I don't think it would have much effect on any non Christian friends seeing this but then films often pacify the story so maybe spending the money on giving them the book is a better use of resources?

Love to you all

Louise M

smudge77 said...

just re-read the book again...

it strikes me that when they didn't believe Lucy [that she had seen Aslan who all had almost lost all faith in], it was similar to the disciples not believing Mary Magdalene and the women who had seen the Lord after His ressurection.