Sunday, September 06, 2009

revealing the secret identity of the Evangelical Universalist

The Evangelical Universalist is just one of the excellent books that I read over the summer. It argues well, from the Bible, the case for universalism – the doctrine that everyone is saved in the end. As this is such a controversial topic it is not surprising that the author published the book under a pseudonym. Many Christians might consider his conclusions as heresy.

Now this book has received some circulation he obviously feels the situation has changed slightly. The author feels that there are now enough people that have read the book and seen that universalism can be argued from the Bible, and so is a legitimate evangelical position – even if they don’t agree with it. Hence he now feels confident enough to reveal his identity.

So who is the Evangelical Universalist?

Robin Parry - the Editorial Director for the Christian publishing house Paternoster Press and author of Worshipping Trinity.

Thanks to Maggi Dawn for the tip off.


Anonymous said...

I would be interested in one day reading a solid case for 'evangelical universalism', though I am not sure I can see it (of course at least not now).

Does N.T. Wright lean that way? Or do you know? I have only started reading his stuff and wondered where he leaned on that topic.

Thanks Dave.

David Derbyshire said...

There is an interesting link about Tom Wright that I got to off the Evangelical Universalist’s old blog here.

Prosperoprophet is criticising Write for arguing that setting the world right requires that some have "no place" in the new creation. Wright is probably more lenient than many would be with Universalism as he says things like he would be glad to be proved wrong and God is full of surprises.