Friday, May 15, 2009

My Little Daughter Callie

On Saturday I will be 47 and next week Callie will be six.

For many years I never expected to have a child nor had any desire to have one. In my late thirties I was very content being single and was rapidly coming to the conclusion that God wanted me to stay that way. But then I met Nettes and it wasn't long before Callie was born. God gave me Callie even though I didn’t ask for her. I never expected her to bring me such joy.

Callie also teaches me so much. I am learning to appreciate all my own parents did for me. Being a dad gives me glimpses of what it means that God is our father. And I am still learning how to communicate with Callie at her stage of development. I often say ‘Do you want to…?’ rather than just tell her to do things expecting her to do them ‘because I say so’. I expect her to think things through herself too much. I talk to her like she’s sixteen and easily forget that she isn’t even six yet.

I feel so privileged that God has entrusted her to me.

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smudge77 said...

my husband was nearly 40 with our first [who is now 19]
and our youngest is 16, but I'm wishing she was back to 6 again, as she has left home...
we do all we can, as best as we can, with constant prayer...
but there is an outside world that they have to be released into [sadly, I feel now, I wish I could have locked her in her room...joke...sort of]

anyway, enjoy these years...we had some good ones.
God is good
many others are not :(