Sunday, January 23, 2011

Missional Living

This article has been updated and moved to my new blog called CharisMissional.

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andrew said...

good stuff david. another thing about teh missional lifestyle is that is a two way thing - was give and we also receive. we bless and are blessed. we transform culture and also find shavings of culture changing who were are.

just like Jesus "grew" and was influenced by the culture he incarnated himself in, speaking like a Galilean, "acting as if he was going further" on the Emmaus road like a native would do.

mission shaped, you could say.

David Derbyshire said...

Thanks for that Andrew! I've updated the post a bit. I’ve tried to weave in some thoughts about missional living being a two way process. I trust that I’ve made it clearer.

David Matthew said...

Thanks, Dave. Interesting stuff. Your own pilgrimage in this respect matches my own – and that of many Christians today, I suspect. No longer can we assume, as previous generations of testifiers could, that people have a basic grasp of the tenets of Christianity. They haven’t a clue about even the fundamental facts about the life of Jesus. So we are called to more of a seed-sowing enterprise in the midst of everyday living.

Mike Morrell said...

What a great post on holistic missional living!