Sunday, September 09, 2007

Greenbelt 2007 – Part Two

Our Sunday lunch at Greenbelt was a picnic at mainstage listening to Psalm Drummers. We came back to the arena to watch some episodes of Shaun the Sheep on the big screen before going to a family communion at the New Forms Café. Can you spot us on these photos? After which, Nettes look Callie to see Fischy Music while I staid there chilling on a beanbag with a cup of coffee. I think I nearly dropped off but soon the next service started and we were being encouraged to welcome people of different ethnicities and religions in our churches. I then met Nettes and Callie for tea at the Performance Café and I ended the day watching a classical concert of John Tavener’s music.

Monday morning saw me up early queuing for Callie’s token and then having breakfast with Callie outside the Taize worship tent. While she was in her Children’s Festival I went to an amazing workshop with Isaac Everett on how to use a computer as instrument in worship. I was inspired to get my laptop playing and to join the musicians in church. There was still time to look at an exhibition about Forgiveness before I had to pick Callie up. There were some very large decorative kites flying as we went to lunch in the YMCA Café and the largest snake I had ever seen was on display as I queued for our baked potatoes.

After lunch we looked around more before going to a second family service at the New Forms Café where Callie painted a picture of heaven while there was lots to keep the adults occupied on the theme of ‘heaven in the ordinary’. I caught the end of Dan Wheeler’s set at the Performance Café, had a bite to eat and got ready for the final evening. Unfortunately I was so tired after the whole weekend after listening to Ian Archer on mainstage, a bit of drumming at the Chai Chapel and beginning to explore what was left I decided to go back to the tent. Sounds of Delirious could be heard drifting across the campsite as we settled down to go to sleep.

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