Sunday, September 23, 2007

Birmingham Artsfest

Last Saturday I took Callie to look around Artsfest – Birmingham’s big free arts festival inside and out in various venues around the city centre. The programme was indecipherable so we just went to where we knew things were happening.

We ate out packed lunch in Brindley place during a fashion show of all things. After that we saw some Fallon Gong – a demonstration of Chinese exercise/meditation. Rather than stopping in Brindley Place where we could have made a mask or a lantern we walked towards the museum.

On the way we heard some excellent world music from one of the main stages. We peered into a bar where another really good act was performing but I didn’t really want to stop with Callie. As we carried on we then began to meet characters from Peter Pan: Captain Hook, some pirates and then just as we were wondering if to actually go into the museum the lost children came up to us shouting, ‘Are you lost?’

Gathering at the foot of the stairway in one of the galleries of the museum was quite a crowd. So we sat down and were treated to an excellent children’s choir – the Ex Cathedra Juniors – performing a blend of high church music and children’s songs. Callie sat spellbound for half an hour.

On our way back we met up with Nettes who briefly popped into the stall promoting recycling. It was a treat walking past so many more things going on and then back up the canal home.

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