Saturday, September 22, 2012

Authentically Positive - my other new blog

As well as blogging at CharisMissional I am now also blogging at Authentically Positive This is another Wordpress blog that looks at my interest in positive psychology and life coaching.

I have been teaching Psychology for about 20 years and this year I have started an online Diploma in Life Coaching with the Blackford Centre for Life Coaching.

Why Authentically Positive? 

These two words I feel sum up what I want to say about this topic of positive psychology. It is important to be positive but not at the expense of being authentic.

This blog will be dedicated to exploring practical issues of life related to psychology particularly with an emphasis on positive psychology. These will be down to earth discussions about real life applications. It won’t be your classic positive thinking approach but rather I want to outline a realistic yet optimistic approach to life.

So is this blog still active? 

From time to time I do want to continue to post here – with the occasional photo or family news or article that doesn’t fit either of the other two blogs. I also want to leave this blog up as there are still some interesting posts on it and it still gets a number of visitors. So feel free to explore the archives.

But please follow me at my current blogs of CharisMissional and Authentically Positive. I suspect that my Christian friends will primarily follow me on CharisMissional whereas Authentically Positive will be aimed at a wider audience.

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