Thursday, November 12, 2009


I’ve recently been looking at the Faithworks site and downloading some of their resources. Faithworks is a Christian organisation founded by Steve Chalke committed to serve the community and influence society as a whole. Their website contains lots of resources to help churches and other Christian organisations as well as individual Christians about how to do just this.

The faithworks site contains some good material to get you rethinking your commitment to building stronger links with other groups in the community. This is something that we are doing as a church and recently we had a great opportunity to be involved with a community fun day.

They have some challenging thoughts about having greater transparency and accountability with finances and the like. This is important in developing a sustainable funding structure and ensuring that not only meet legal requirements but that people have confidence in how things are handled.

There is also quite a lot about developing procedures and policies. Faithworks even have a charter that churches and other Christian organisations can choose to adopt. As a church that values informality being based on relationship rather than hierarchy we are not overly keen on things like policies and procedures. But it makes you aware that some of it is essential such as police checking and child and vulnerable adult protection policies.

An interesting and challenging site.

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