Sunday, April 26, 2009

Worship Star

I think this song just one of the signs of a growing restlessness about contemporary worship. It satirises the temptation for Christian musicians to make money by writing new worship songs with the same old clich├ęs.

Recently, Mike Rimmer wrote an hard hitting article, on the Cross Rhythms site, lamenting the demise of music ministry and trying to inspire people to something better. Mike had just posted a link to Worship Star on his facebook status - saying that the song summed up how he was feeling about this topic - when co-incidentally I was looking at a post on Jonny Baker’s blog that pointed to a couple of articles on a site called Music Academy. In a similar vain, Jonny was struck by an article about being bored with contemporary worship and one by Brian McLaren that made some positive suggestions about worship songs.

Anyway, I commented to Jonny about this video. He thought it was hilarious and reposted the link. I hope you enjoy it.

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Holy Famoley said...

That video made me smile wryly! I'm sure Jon Birch would appreciate it given the cartoons he's done on the subject. Good find. Might just have to repost it on FB.

Matt said...

Ha! This song made me crack a smile.

I never could get on with worship songs. For all my many years spent at an evangelical church the music always left me totally cold. The electronic piano sounds and melodic guitar always sounded like enthusiastically played lift music. The sort of insipid “Muzak” played in shops. This is not to say there was anything wrong with it. It just never fitted my personal taste as to what sounds pleasant.

David Derbyshire said...

I'm glad that made you smile!