Friday, December 21, 2007

Merry Christmas

A very special welcome to everyone who is visiting after receiving our annual newsletter and wondering what the Derbyshire household are up to over Christmas. Well we have been hanging items on our Jesse Tree for most of advent and it will soon be complete. This year Nettes did a brilliant job of painting some branches that she found and we have one or two new figures. Having just had the living room plastered and painted we are wondering where to stick our autumn leaf card holders and I am getting ready for one of the big food shops early tomorrow morning.

I think we will start our family tradition of our twelve days of Christmas on Sunday. We have twelve nice meals and exchange small gifts each day usually after the meal. Our most special meal we will have on Monday and this time it is a Thai Green Vegetable Curry. This year will be a bit different as Nettes is doing a spot of agency work and will be helping out in a care home on Tuesday and Wednesday (Christmas Day and Boxing Day) and maybe on a couple of days the following week. But we are happy with this and will no doubt enjoy all our twelve days equally well.

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