Wednesday, August 15, 2007

What a friend we have in Facebook

This summer a long with a few others in our church I’ve been enjoying the internet’s latest and greatest social network application - facebook. I’ve also just hooked up with some people at college, staff and ex-students. I’ve now got a network of over 30 friends who are kept posted on what I do on facebook. There are also links to this blog there and anything else that I might have found of interest. On my facebook profile I’ve posted a couple of youtube videos, put up a bookshelf, added a couple of movie quotes. It feels a bit like decorating your room with posters and filling it with stuff.

It began as a way for me to keep in contact with people over the summer as not only does college go on holiday but there are so few people in the church around. In fact there are so many away that instead of hiring the community centre for meetings in august we are just having socials. Last week I bought the veggie burgers and salad as my contribution to a barbeque, this week I really enjoyed the treasure hunt around the reservoir and next week we’re having a picnic in the park. People have also organised a murder mystery evening and a shorting stars party which were both great.

So actually, together with playing with facebook, we’ve been doing a lot!

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