Thursday, July 26, 2007

Anger Management

For the first week of my summer break I spent a few days at Fircroft College doing an anger management course. Not that I’ve got any great problem with rampaging around. But I enjoy studying and wanted something that would give me some practical insight into myself. It was a men only course with eight students and one male tutor. I found it a very good environment and felt able to discuss matters deeply in a relaxed manner.

The basis of the course was transactional analysis popularised by the book ‘I’m OK, You’re OK’. Interestingly we looked quite a bit at assertiveness training which all about expressing yourself in a way that so that you get a ‘win, win’ outcome rather than being passive and/or aggressive. You see, if we can express our anger assertively we don’t bottle it up or just lash out we actually use it very positively to effect change in our world.

In the course we looked at some scenes from the movie ‘Anger Management’ with Jack Nicolson. And I bought a copy at a discount price but I haven’t watched it all through yet.

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