Saturday, September 23, 2006


I’m just exploring ebible at the moment. Though it contains search facilities and resources such as commentaries what looks most interesting is the way that we can share bookmarks and comments on this system. I’m still getting my head around it but it looks like its potential is to be more of a social network like for instance flickr. So you can look at what other people especially those you’ve nominated in your community are saying about particular verses or passages. It refers to itself as a web 2.0 application. The web 2.0 philosophy is to use the internet much more interactively rather than placing content there that someone might view in the future. So blogs are web 2.0 whereas your standard website with lots of articles would be web 1.0. At college we have a virtual learning environment called moodle which also appears to run on this philosophy. It’s not just about giving access to courses online but also enabling your learners to discuss and debate about the material and enable others to learn from them as well as from the resources. Anyway, why not have a look at this web 2.0 ebible and tell me what you think?

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Does that translate to a
Split Personality? What would
Ivan Pavlov say about that?

We have our own splits here on this
side of the pond. Democrats, Free
Thinkers, and Republicans!

Comments are welcome. Record
first name & town. reb

David Derbyshire said...

I like to think of myself as a Cognitive Christian, which I believe does fit in with my understanding of the Bible. For more on the integration of psychology with Christianity you might want to explore