Friday, July 14, 2006

Extreme Prophetic

When we were in Winchester our friends told us about this website. Extreme Prophetic contains teachings and stories about what is happening in the churches that relate to Patricia King’s ministry based in America. The most intriguing part of this are a few videos that relate to a phenomena of gemstones being found apparently miraculously. There is an account of one man finding a number of gemstones in his garden while having a vision of an angel placing them there for him. There is a shot of him finding it. These videos are part of a sort of video blog of Patricia’s. These are all very recent phenomena. Patricia relates it to a prophecy about God doing miracles this summer. Apparently they’ve just had a big conference where people began to find smaller gemstones on the floor where they were meeting. The hard evidence appears to rule out mass hallucination – of course it could all be a fake – but these appear to be godly Christian people who want to give all the glory to God.

Please have a look and let me know what you think of it.

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David Matthew said...

Sounds like the latest variation on allegedly supernatural gold dust from the ceiling and gold dental fillings. There must always be something new to keep some people interested and excited. Patricia herself comes over as nice enough, but it all leaves me with the feeling that it is missing the essentials of what Christianity and church is all about.

Steven Carr said...

What is Christianity about if not to find gold and diamonds?

Even Jesus regarded the gold in the Temple as sacred. (Matthew 23:17)

Personally, I don't think any gold is sacred.

David Derbyshire said...

Christianity is about the kingdom of God. Gold, money or any possession can be sacred but only when they are dedicated to God to be used for the purposes of his kingdom and not when they are used for selfish ends. Hence, I am eager to know, if God is giving such wealth to people through finding these gemstones, how they will use this wealth to extend God’s kingdom.