Sunday, May 14, 2006


Communication problems can be frustrating! In all organisations communication is an important key to getting things done whether its college or some other workplace, church or any organisation. I was recently teaching my access class about two major communication patterns in group dynamics. Some organisations to some extent restrict there communication to hierarchies. So messages are passed down in the form of instructions and up in the form of reporting back. But it is easy to miss people leaving them disgruntled. But more recent wisdom is seeing the value of another pattern – one in which everyone is encouraged to communicate with everyone else. This is increasingly becoming practical with email. I think this must be the way forward.

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David Derbyshire said...

On a day out recently my wife and daughter where watching the activity of an ant colony. I think we can learn a lot from ants. They just seam to get on with their job of say carrying leaves. They see what the ants around them are doing and do likewise. I think if we could have this free flow of communication it would make it easier to see what everyone else is doing and work with each other being encouraged by each others actions.