Monday, April 24, 2006

Staying Alive

I found this article interesting. Its about Twelve Australian celebrities sharing their tips on how they have kept their energy and vitality into old age.

  • They eat low fat healthy diets.
  • They are pro-active in having health checks and prompt in taking any necessary action.
  • They watch their weight.
  • They are non-smokers.
  • They take regular exercise.
  • They keep their brain active.
  • They take care of their skin by staying out of hot sun and used sun-block.
  • They cope with stress both by taking exercise and using relaxation techniques.
  • They are early risers - grasping life with both hands.
  • They are active in the community in charity and voluntary work.
  • They refuse to look back on their lives with regrets that will only make them miserable.
  • They are always working on some project that is a challenge to them.
  • They all have some belief in something greater than themselves whether they call that God or not.
  • They are very positive in their attitude although they are honest in admitting negative thoughts and tough times they have dealt with them well.
  • They value their health.
  • They are committed to doing what they want to do.

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