Saturday, November 26, 2005

A Busy Week

I did three days at college this week. Three full days starting around 9 or 10 and leaving just after 9 at night. I was pretty whacked for doing much else like housework or fun things with my family. I was going to do some more college work today but I just couldn’t get my head together. I listened to the radio at little. I surfed on the internet a little.

I just came across this quote from Andrew Marr who stepped down as the BBC’s political editor in the summer only to take on lots of other jobs Sunday AM on the telly and Start the Week on radio:

“I don’t think stress is a bad thing. We’re too scared of it. I think urban life is about packing a lot in. I’m very much of the view – perhaps it’s to do with getting older – that you’re not around for very long on this planet, and to feel that you’d had more than enough time half-asleep in the garden is not how I want to go.”

I think I can see where’s he’s coming from. But after my busy week I’m quite glad of a chance to laze around.

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